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Cleaning Maid Easy is a local company that strives to do better by going beyond the basics. We understand that not every person has the same needs and wants for their home or office. We utilize good communication to ensure that our customers’ needs are always met.

Cleaning Maid Easy was started in 2006, motivated with the joy of helping others, CME took flight. Through word of mouth, more people found out about CME and new customers invited us to their homes and businesses to see just how we can help them too. It was then that the owner decided to take the business to a new level. We became incorporated, bonded and insured. We started to hire individuals who would work hard to keep the vision to help families and individuals alive and thriving.

Today, Cleaning Maid Easy has grown tremendously. Despite our success, we remain a hometown company, whose mission is to show each customer how much they are valued and leave them completely satisfied. As we have grown we have realized the worth in our services as we are able to give individuals and their families their time back.

Our focus has always been quality over quantity through communication. Cleaning Maid Easy does minimal advertising to ensure that growth is tapered. We could easily acquire clients each month with high marketing, but we take pride in knowing each account starts with a walk through and is given undivided attention.

We’d love to care for your home or business, and we are always expanding into new areas to better serve YOU!


Service cost varies depending on location, size and condition of home or business, specific tasks or extras needed, and frequency of the cleanings scheduled. Call or click today for your free estimate.

Free Estimates

Our estimates usually take only 10 minutes. We walk with you through every room to ensure that every need is written down.


We have many different frequencies of regular cleanings to offer. Re-occurring cleanings at weekly and every other week are our most popular; however we do have clients that call as needed. We also offer one-time deep cleanings, construction cleanings and ‘add-ons’ to basic cleanings. We bring all supplies and equipment necessary to clean your home or office. We also have hand dish washing and wash-and-fold laundry services available.


We LOVE cleaning Airbnb and rental properties. Contact us to learn how we can work together to help your properties glow!

Cleaning Maid Easy

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Hiring a housekeeping service is more reasonable than most people think! We love working with new clients, and encourage you to reach out for an estimate.